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How to sell something physical on a digital medium

Tactile objects like furniture are still easier sold in physical shops where customers can have contact with the product. The challenge of a digital shop is to create sensory experience to match the absence of touch.

By giving Ben Rose’s audience access to helpful particulars such as product ranges, detailed product descriptions, product dimensions, pricing, easy checkout process, and delivery options, we’ve filled in the information gap.

Printed design to support B2B digital operations

When Ben Rose came to us, they wanted a physical item they can leave with estate agents and landlords when they went in for sales calls. They felt a printed catalogue would be ideal as it would be visible around offices, as compared to an online ad which might have less of a sales impact.

Here is where visual identity plays a huge part. We made sure that the design of the printed catalogue looked distinctly similar to their online catalogue - everything from colour schemes to spacing to typefaces. Subliminal messages matter just as much as explicit messages.

  • Product Design and Development
  • Milan Vuckovic
  • Farhood Kolahian