Hatzolah of Mill Basin — Backing a charitable cause through web applications

Encouraging generous donations with live technical support for a charity event.

Hatzolah of Mill Basin offers pre-hospital emergency medical treatment. They wanted to run several fundraising dinners per year and needed a platform that enabled them to receive online donations, sell event admission tickets, as well as “Chinese auction” prize tickets.

The team also wanted to be able to create different themes for different events online without having to build a new website each time.

How to make an event-organiser’s life easier

And so it was, we built them an event ticketing platform with three tiers - child admission, adult admission, and VIP tickets. We also built a “Chinese auction” ticketing platform that showcased all prizes for donors who wanted to participate in the auction.

How to generate more sales, on the spot

For the event itself, we created a point-of-sale (POS) app that enabled stewards to scan a QR code, search a person by name, email, or online order number.

Not only this, they also had the easy breezy job of printing colour-coded wristbands on the spot, based on admission ticket tiers - all automated for fast queue movement!

New customers could buy tickets on the door, and existing customers could add or upgrade their tickets if they wanted to.

Fanning the flame of kindness for a worthy cause

Hatzolah of Mill Basin received $140k worth of online donations in one evening through our strategic planning and technical support, as compared to $80k donations collected in one week on a previous event.

How did we do this?

1. Automatic discounts.

Offers were prompted on checkout, showing the amount required to qualify for further incentive. A banner flashed, for example, suggesting customers to “Spend another $350 to get an additional $100 in prize tickets”

2 - Live donations.

We embedded a donation feature on the Hatzolah website homepage, whereby visitors can easily contribute if they wanted to.

We also installed iPad kiosks all around the event hall, giving guests the option to make donations on boot

At the venue, we showcased a ‘Live Goal Tracker’, appealing to guests to help Hatzolah reach their goal. The donors’ names and dedication messages were shown on the tv screens.

Throughout the event, automated SMS were sent to customers with link to the donation site. Some of the guests had likely forwarded this message on to friends.

  • Product Design and Development
  • Digital Experience Consultancy
  • Nazar Igorovitch
  • Mordy Siegel
  • Artem Mashirov
  • Saul Sampson